There are many different kinds of cameras out there to meet your needs. While we work with all brands of IP cameras, our go to brand is Digital Watchdog because they offer one of the best manufacturer’s warranties in the surveillance industry. This has cost-effective benefits for business owners to save money on cameras and equipment in the long run. We also work with Honeywell products like Total Connect to give you a variety of options. Here is a rundown of some of the cameras we work with regularly:


Digital Watchdog Complete Solution


Digital Watchdog’s Complete Solution refers to MEGApix IP megapixel cameras recorded on versatile Blackjack NVRs powered by DW Spectrum IP VMS. The Complete Solution by Digital Watchdog can be tailored to the specific needs of any project or application. The open platform components create surveillance systems that are feature-rich as well as user-friendly. The Digital Watchdog Complete Solution helps integrators to increase profitability while making installation easier.


DW Spectrum IP VMS

DW Spectrum software can support most of the leading cameras on the market with a variety of features and capabilities. Unlike other VMS software, DW Spectrum is light, simple, and very easy to use.


Some Features Include:

  • DW Spectrum mobile app
    • The DW Spectrum mobile app is for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, is a free app that allows users to view, search and connect their DW Spectrum system from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Forensic Spyglass Feature
    • This feature allows you to turn one camera into many. Zoom into any area within a camera’s field of view the selected region as a separate display, allowing you to monitor smaller regions of interest separately from the overall camera’s image.
  • Log Report and Search
    • If any operational issues that may arise in your surveillance setup can be traced through an advanced log system that is provided by DW Spectrum. It comes fully equipped with detailed filtering methods to help you pin down on a specific problem and exporting options for your personal records.
  • Rules and Actions Customization
    • Automating maintenance tasks with the Rules and Actions features in the DW Spectrum is very easy to use and convenient. You can quickly set up alerts and notifications for network and storage failure, motion detection or sensor activation on a camera. You can also choose to receive pop-up notifications, voice alerts, or an email with the event link.
  • Panoramic Camera Single Licensing and De-warping
    • DW Spectrum offers a simple single licensing for all cameras, including multi-sensor IP cameras at no extra charge. Additionally, the DW Spectrum is built to be fully compatible with the many leading hemispheric cameras, and is able to translate the camera’s feed into a variety of viewing methods.
  • Simplified Server and Camera Configuration
    • The DW Spectrum software is consolidated advanced IP Video Management Software. Multiple servers and a variety of cameras from different manufacturers can all be configured, set to record, upgraded or search data from the same single software screen.
  • Server, Network and Camera Health Monitoring
    • This allows you to access vital information about the server’s HDD, CPU, and RAM health through informative and easy to understand graphical formatting. Also, it allows exploration auto detection network errors and camera connectivity issues with DW Spectrum’s issue check feature.
  • Fully Customizable Camera Views and Searches
    • The DW Spectrum software allows you to fully customize your monitoring view, hide or show thumbnails for an easy at-a-glance search, as well as show motion regions and seamlessly transition from live to playback all in the same screen and with a single click of a button.
  • Advanced PTZ Control
    • The DW Spectrum provides unprecedented freedom in PTZ camera control. The intuitive radial controller can be used to alter the camera’s direction in all 3 axes, simply draw a box within any region to immediately zoom and focus the camera’s view into it or click to track motion.
  • Additional Features of DW Spectrum Include:
    • Single click upgrade
    • Intelligent video stream management of high definition images
    • Easy transition from analog to digital in the industry
    • Customizable layouts with E-Mapping capabilities
    • Enterprise scalability with simplified system expansion
    • Edge integration
    • Automatic failover
    • Open architecture with integrated server API and SDK
    • Cross platform: Windows, Linux, MAC, OS, iOS and Android
    • Dual stream recording
    • Web-based camera settings
    • Web admin redesign
    • No single point of failure
    • Video wall integration



Digital Watchdog’s MEGApix IP cameras remove the complexity of network powered devices, providing unbeatable clear megapixel resolution image quality and advanced features. The MEGApix cameras transmit data and receive power over the same network cable, eliminating the need to run separate cables for power and control. The cameras are easy to use with features like UPnP and an intuitive Web-based UI. MEGApix is also a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to view live as well as playback video from your cameras anywhere in the world. The camera family include single-sensor, single-sensor PTZ, single-sensor edge, as well as multi-sensor panoramic-view models.



ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum)

  • A universal protocol that allows IP cameras to communicate with other manufacturers’ servers. Digital Watchdog’s entire MEGApix camera line is able to conform with the latest ONVIF protocol for increased flexibility and reduced total cost.

Crystal Clear 2.1 and 5 Megapixel Resolutions

  • The MEGApix camera line offers different resolution cameras that can match any and all applications. With true 1080p recording, the camera’s real time high definition is a great choice. For applications that need the ability to zoom into images and maintain high resolution, the 5 megapixel models are the cutting edge in IP camera technology.

Simultaneous Dual Stream

  • All of Digital Watchdog’s MEGApix cameras have true simultaneous dual stream capabilities. This allows the cameras to stream two different video streams, at different quality and resolutions at the same time. This delivers the maximum efficiency when paired with the DW Spectrum IP VMS.

Remote Auto-Focus and Optical Zoom

  • The cameras provide very clear images at all times with the unique Auto-Focus feature. Models with varifocal lenses to allow for a powerful optical zoom.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

  • The WDR enables the cameras to capture clear images in the same frame, even there are very bright and or very dark areas.

Two-Way Audio

  • The 2.1MP cameras are equipped with a two-way audio support, while the 5MP models also offer the convenience and reliability of a powerful microphone built into the camera’s board.


MEGApix CaaS

Digital Watchdog’s MEGApix CaaS cameras, powered by DW Spectrum IP VMS, it can function both as a camera and recorder, without a need for a dedicated server.  The full featured cameras offer you real time 1080P resolution at up to 30fps. MEGApix CaaS cameras include one or two SD card interfaces for up to 128GB of recorded video locally, adding another layer of data security to your camera. The MEGApix CaaS camera is simple to install, maintain and adjust to any application.



MEGApix Pano

DigiFour_Panos_Lineartal Watchdog MEGApix PANO 1080p, 8MP, and 48/32MP 180 degree view cameras are the first multi-sensor IP cameras in the industry to deliver full frame HD video streams at up to 30fps (at 32MP; 15 fps at 48MP). These cameras take wide area surveillance to a new level. Basically multiple cameras in one, MEGApix PANO cameras can reduce your camera count and help you save money on system costs.





VMAX IP Complete Solution

Digital Watchdog’s VMAX IP Complete Solution is a simple and hassle-free embedded NVR that allows you to add up to 16 VMAX IP 1080p cameras. Designed around the VMAX user experience (UX) and powerfully intuitive PIVOT CMS software with local PoE support for IP cameras, the VMAZ IP is flexible and easy to configure. The NVRs are available in 4-,8-,and 16- channel models. True HD output for local display and monitoring allows the VMAX IP to support real-time 1080P live viewing and recording.


Total Connect

With Total Connect by Honeywell you can choose from a few different camera options to fit your needs the best. The IP camera options include:

iPCAM-WI Camera

  • Some features of the iPCAM-WI camera are that it can be either wired or wireless, it has a fixed lens, and has video motion detection.

iPCAM-PT Camera

  • Some features of the iPCAM-PT camera are that it can be either wired or wireless, it has a fixed lens, video motion detection, pan and tilt with presets, and aux lighting.

Total Connect comes with a great, user friendly software to make installing your system simple and stress free. With a free online user guide you can be shown pictures of each step you need to take to install your system.


With each camera there are tools buttons that can be used to give you specific functions to meet your needs. Some of these tools include:

  • Home Position
    • The home position is where the camera is centered in its vertical and horizontal axis.
    • When a camera has been moved to another position after 5 minutes of no movement, the camera will automatically return to the home position.
  • Preset Buttons
    • Preset buttons 1,2,3, and 4 are used to quickly bring the camera to a preset watch area. You can set up to 4 watch areas and it is just a simple “single-click” to get to the preset watch area.
  • Movie Camera
    • The movie camera is used to manually capture video clips. When clicked, a 10 second video clip is taken based on the pre-capture and post-capture settings stored in the camera. The video clip will be stored as an event, and can trigger an email notification if needed.
  • Still Camera
    • The still camera is used to manually capture still pictures. You will be prompted to save the picture if desired.
  • Light
    • The light is used to toggle on or off the camera’s auxiliary lighting LEDs. Depending on the ambient low light conditions, the auxiliary LED lighting can help to improve the quality of the video up to 15 feet.
  • Auto Pan
    • Auto pan causes the camera to swing through its entire horizontal range. At the end of the panning motion, the camera will return back to the starting position. After 5 minutes of no movement the camera will always go back to the home position.
  • Stop/Play
    • When clicked, these buttons go between stopping and starting the live video stream. When stopped, the video image is replaced with a blank screen.