Cloud Storage Solution

Security First Alarm’s cloud storage solution gives you the opportunity to watch your security video online anytime and anywhere. It works with any IP camera to allow you full access to your security videos anywhere that has an internet connection. It is safe, secure, and easy to use solution to fit your specific needs.  

The Cloud Recording app even serves as the perfect cloud-based backup service for your NVR/DVR .


  • Security First Alarm makes it simple for you by connecting you to your cloud storage with just a few simple clicks.
  • It works with any camera brand
  • You can watch it anywhere and from any device. There is also an option to download the mobile app to watch your videos from your tablet or smartphone
  • Security First Alarm’s cloud storage solution requires a few simple things:
    • Security First Alarm
    • Any IP camera or cameras
    • An internet connection that meets basic download speed requirements


-The cloud storage solution uses Amazon S3 to store videos, the most trusted service in the industry

-It also uses HTTPS to protect your data as well as your privacy

-It is used by companies like National Corvette Museum, National Park Service, and others

Why a cloud storage solution?

Most of the time users record audio and video from an IP camera to a local hard drive like a DVR or NVR but sometimes the hardware can malfunction or be subject to theft or other property damage. If that is the case then what do you do? Simply put the irreplaceable data stored on your hardware will be safe and protected. 

Instead of having to deal with the hassle that can sometimes be DVR or NVRs the cloud storage solution offers a cloud recording solution that allows you to skip the DVR or NVR all together. This also gives you the opportunity to view your footage from wherever you are and store your footage in a secure environment away from your cameras. This means that if you are robbed, or there is a disaster like a fire or flood, you will still have access to your recorded video. 

Security First Alarm’s cloud storage solution allows you to view live streaming from all your cameras of any brand or device you use. You can also choose from apps from the app-store. Some of the apps you can choose from include; broadcasting, cloud storage, and time-lapse. Do you want to broadcast your footage in your store? There is an app for that!

app icons

If you want to make the process even easier for you, we can help you connect your cameras in no time at all. We use a simple plug-and-play device that makes it very easy for you to connect your cameras. It gives you secure and encrypted streaming, automatic updates, and it works with any DVR/NVR device and all h.264 cameras.

Security First Alarm does all the heavy lifting for you. Once we install and connect the camera’s, we can get them online under our managed accounts. This will make sure that you have all the help you need through the installation and connection process.


There are many storage options and price plans to meet your specific needs. With Security First Alarm we guarantee 90 day storage retention for your business. In October 2016 the OLCC will require that all marijuana businesses keep 90 day storage  We offer short term solutions from 3 days retention up to 90 day retention. If you need a long term solution for your home or business we have options ranging from 3 months to 2 years.

Customer Experience

The customer had 10 cameras that they needed monitored for City of Portland Compliance as well as the OLCC. They had a quote from another company for $895 per month. With our cloud storage solution we were able to give them the same thing for under $400 per month, that is half the cost! The customer was very happy that they were able to meet regulations without spending a fortune!

Ready to get started with this hassle and worry free process? Call us today to get started!