At Security First Alarm we understand that there are so many regulations in the marijuana industry that keeping up to date can be difficult. We make sure that finding a security system that helps you stay in compliance with all state regulations is simple. The OLCC requires that you have a fully operational video surveillance recording system (OAR 845-025-1450) . For this reason Security First Alarm has partnered with a cloud storage solution as well as Promontory Insights for superior analytical video monitoring to give you more options when purchasing a security system for your premises.

Beginning in October the OLCC requires that every licensed marijuana facility has 90 days of offsite video surveillance storage. With Security First Alarm’s cloud storage solution you can have your cannabis security system backed up to the cloud, while also being able to view your cameras from anywhere with internet access. Security First Alarm does all the work for you with simple installation and setup our cloud storage solution is a hassle free solution for you. We offer economical prices with our 90 Day Compliance Package as well as storage options as low as under $50 per month. 

The OLCC requires (OAR 845-025-1440)that your surveillance system has a camera at each entrance and exit of your premises, and within 15 feet of both inside and outside all points of entry and exits. Promontory Insight gives you the opportunity to have real time monitoring for all cameras on your premises. Whether your dispensary is small or large we can set up a virtual perimeter around your spread to allow you to monitor your location in real time. You can even set up a heat sensor that will be able to tell the difference between an animal tripping a sensor or a real human threat. This way you can stay compliant with all regulations while only being notified if a real threat occurs.


For more information about state requirements and regulations check out the  Oregon.gov website or call us to find out how we can help.