Promontory Insight

What is Promontory Insight?

Promontory Insight is a superior analytical video monitoring service that works in real time to ensure that your business is safe and secure 24/7.

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Video Surveillance is a crucial and required element of any medical marijuana dispensary, retail marijuana store, grow and processing facility. Proactive video security systems and alarms provide business owners and employees with a way to monitor different elements of the business from one central location.

Security First Alarm partnered with Promontory Insight provides real time 24/7 event based video and alarm surveillance that identifies events as they are happening with automated response dispatch and operational intervention that can prevent the situation.

  • Personalized Surveillance. Customizable 24/7 Video Monitoring and Alarm with Live Response
  • Video Analytics. Allows Video Based Intelligence that Eliminates Human Error
    • (Tripwires, People Count, Removed/ Abandoned Item, Loitering, Heat Map, and POS Overlay)  
  • Open Platform. End to end alarm and video management.
  • Management. Records and Stores Daily Activity for Documentation and Worker Safety Purposes and Productivity.
  • Interactive Protection. Access Live Video or Recorded Footage on a Smart Device or Computer.
  • Operational Savings. We Can Assist with your Operations to Help You Reduce Monthly Expenses, Increase Productivity, Enforce Training Standards, and Catch Damage.
  • Security Guard Savings. Video Monitoring has Been Used to Both Replace and Augment Traditional Security Guard Services.

Security First Alarm with Promontory Insight can set up a virtual perimeter around your property in the system so that when there is a trigger the 24/7 monitoring team can take a closer look to see if the problem is something small such as an animal that tripped the sensor or something big like a break-in. If it is a break in, the monitoring team can then contact emergency dispatch to let them know what is happening so they can stop it in real time. This makes it great for Cannabis businesses owners to have the opportunity to stop theft in real time.

Since every location is different and unique in its own way it is important that your security system works with your specific needs. Whether you are required by the OLCC to have 2 cameras or 20 it is important that they are monitored constantly to ensure the safety of your facility, your employees, and your marijuana product.

Security First Alarm makes the process of video monitoring easy for you. We install your cameras, security system, and get you set up with Promontory Insight’s video monitoring. We will make it hassle free so you can focus on your business without having to worry about your security system.

Security First Alarm with Promontory Insight can provide all video surveillance systems from the most basic to the most advanced. We can install, monitor and service all systems through our network of certified installers, dealers and monitoring centers.

  •       Video Surveillance is required by all state regulators in the cannabis industry.
  •       Different states have different requirements and often the specifics of your electronic surveillance is required during the permitting process.
  •       Promontory Insight can help you navigate the regulations and ensure that your video surveillance and alarm systems meet all state regulations.



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