OLCC Revises Rules to Relieve Problems Experienced by Business Owners

    Oregon marijuana business owners have been experiencing delays and difficulty with regulations issued by the OLCC. On Friday December 2nd the OLCC issued some temporary rules with the hopes of alleviating some of the delays businesses have been experiencing which have caused many to slow significantly in their profits and for some have resulted in laying off employees. The temporary rules include both the recreational and medicinal marijuana to lessen some of the potency testing requirements to hopefully speed up the normally very long potency testing. Many businesses are unsure whether or not the temporary rules will help but one thing they are sure of is that they want to get everything back up and running smoothly.

One way to ensure that the rest of the business is running smoothly is to ensure that your security system is up and running, and in compliance with the OLCC regulations. The OLCC now requires that every marijuana business has 90 days of off site video surveillance storage and that every entrance and exit of your facility is under video surveillance. These requirements can be tough to figure out on your own which is why we recommend finding some help to make the process easier. Once your facility is within regulation for security, find video monitoring that will make your life easier, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

With all the delays in business the easiest way to make sure that everything else is running within state regulations is to make sure you contact someone who can help you keep your security requirements up to date. Business may be delayed and there is not much that can be done to help that but at least your product, employees, and facility will be safe and secure.

Armed Robbery of Seattle Dispensary FOILED by Remote Viewing of Security Cameras

Video Surveillance is essential to your business and now with OLCC requirements to have every entrance and exit of your site under surveillance your product is safer than ever. Just last Sunday night a marijuana store in Seattle was robbed by two masked men who then held the employees at gunpoint while they ransacked the store.

Thankfully, the store had remote video surveillance and an employee working from home was keeping watch on the cameras. When he saw the robbers enter the store and hold the employees up at gunpoint he called the police immediately. The police were able to find out exactly what was happening with the robbers because of the cameras all over the store. They arrested the robbers right as they left the store and none of the employees were physically injured. If the employee who called the police had not been monitoring the cameras the police may not have caught the robbers and the employees could be at risk again. If the police had not caught and arrested the robbers the video surveillance could still have assisted them in finding the perpetrators. Regulations are in place to help cannabis business owners and this is just a time when it paid off to have offsite monitoring.

If you want more information about this incident or to watch the footage check it out here.